SPN is a Nordic supplier independent advisory firm within sourcing and outsourcing, business improvement and business transformation.

Our independent advisors support organizations in creating sustainable value in IT and business processes. Through strategic advice and analysis, procurements, through sourcing solutions, internal transformation, shared service centres and looking over existing contracts, relationships and governance structures, business processes can be improved, become more efficient and costs can be reduced.

We support our clients on how they (if relevant) can develop their businesses related to outsourcing or insourcing, the requirements that will follow on the organization, processes and the retained organization as well as supporting them with selecting the right supplier and technology to enhance their competitive edge. We strive for increasing the business value for the buyer as well as the provider in the sourcing relationship.

Our clients get access to competencies and experiences through our advisors, best practices, templates, data and statistics. It ranges from IT to business processes within finance and administration, salary, facilities management etc.

Strategy and Analysis

SPN perform assignments including all types of strategic issues and analysis, related to procurement, IT, sourcing, governance etc.

We analyze what is core business and not, and what should be managed in-house and not. These are questions that can be answered through our concrete models and tools.

An issue that has become more central is innovation and technological development. How should you make sure that you can benefit from for example new cloud services?

Based upon the existing sourcing strategy and on a strategy for a procurement of a domain in scope, the most appropriate selection process is chosen.


Our client often ask us for advice when they are about to design and choose sourcing solution. We have extensive experience from procuring complex services. With the help of different situation-based selection processes, such as the ”Accelerated Competitive Dialogue” and ”Sole Sourcing” the selection process can be taken from idea to implementation and a transition project.

We are well-experienced when it comes to public procurements following the public procurement act.

The selection process in itself is often proceeded by a more or less extensive analysis phase. When it is time to select solution and supplier we have a toolbox with all kinds of methods, tools and templates, well-proven from a large number of procurement processes, within a number of different industry verticals and service areas.

Public Procurement

SPN support our clients in public procurement processes, from start to finish, and can also support with specific parts of a procurement process.

We have consultants who have a deep competence in contract law and who also are practitioners when it comes to public procurement. Every year we assist a large number of clients within municipalities, county councils and state authorities in Sweden with procurement related issues.

Among other things we support our clients  with:

  • Needs analysis and support with setting requirements for a procurement.
  • Completion of complete contract documents.
  • Review and evaluation of tenders.
  • Legal advice and legal investigations.
  • Support with review procedures.
  • Support with related legislation such as publicity and confidentiality, data protection, regulation, etc.


The SPN advisors have years of experience from working for both private and public organizations and getting their ecosystems with external and internal parties work well. We offer well-proven methodologies and frameworks. Based on these, we contribute with advice on organizational issues, processes and collaboration forms.

Governance, in our point of view, is about being able to understand and convert the needs of the users, or the citizens, to a delivery according to a contracted quality and cost. A good delivery requires an active buyer who follows up on quality etc, who can encourage a supplier to perform the best they can, who can express relevant requirements and follow upon the suppliers and take measures quickly and efficiently. But most of all ensure a climate where suppliers are stimulated to deliver in a satisfactory manner. Also, you would naturally prefer the suppliers to contribute to a continuous development of the services you buy.

We provide toolkits for designing ecosystems as well as retained organizations with responsibilities, roles and processes as well as formal organizational structure. We help our clients to critically analyze if the internal organization has the right structure and size in order to ensure that the expected value is delivered to the business.