Our clients represent our main source of inspiration – and we have on a daily basis the privilege to be engaged with great clients.
We strive to create value for our clients, to build  a trust in our abilities and a sense that we really engage with our clients.

We want to work with and not for our clients, where knowledge transfer is a natural part of our commitments, in order to leave behind something useful and of true value.

An important aspect of our engagements is that we prefer to stay with our clients from idea to implementation, where the challenges of our clients also become our challenges. We are happy to engage in both small but important issues as well as large and comprehensive projects.

Especially important in our roles as management consultants:


We have an extensive knowledge base of information resources, methodologies, templates, tools, draft contracts, etc., which minimizes the time and cost of preparing tenders and more. We are fast learners and highly skilled senior consultants.


Our expertise in all parts of the sourcing life cycle, along with our work with thought leadership, allows us to deliver the best value in our assignments. We also have an international network of counsellors available if needed.

Proven success

The company’s basic philosophy is to help our clients to develop a “win -win approach ” in relationships between customer and supplier. We are spurred by delivering results in complex environments that are both technically and politically challenging and we always try to deliver tangible, concrete, and over time, useful results.

Independent advice

We are supplier-independent, our customers needs are paramount and we will always recommend what is best for the

Market knowledge

We invest in developing our expertise and our market knowledge. We know the market vendors and can recommend the best choice for our customers.

Implementation skills

With a strong culture of commitment and experienced sourcing advisors with many years of experience in sourcing and management consulting , we can avoid costly mistakes and ensure the advice we provide is solid and feasible.

The win-win perspective

The company’s basic philosophy is to help our clients develop a ”win-win approach” in relationships between customers, suppliers and partners. We are driven by delivering results in complex environments that are technically and politically challenging. We always try to deliver tangible, concrete, and sustainable results.

Our advisors work within the whole chain – from strategy, solutions, implementation and continuous improvement of governance, management, monitoring and analysis of contracts and client relationships. Our mission covers a broad scope involving technological domains in IT or business processes. Our assignments involve a wide range of industries.

We have extensive knowledge of the international outsourcing market and specialize in the Nordic market. We invest time to ensure that we know the suppliers and what they can offer clients, without compromising our independence. We can also assist with benchmarking, best practices, market information and project managers.

In most cases when a company is considering outsourcing they have limited experience in this area and even if they have previous experience, this is not always valid and up-to-date. The providers however, have a comprehensive knowledge and tactics that will be executed in quotation/tender and negotiations. By working with us you get access to specialists in sourcing.

Some of the key benefits of working with us are:

  • Independent knowledge of the outsourcing market.
  • Independent partner in relation to internal policies, in that we are a partner company with no supplier linkages and with a reputation of having high integrity and being independent.
  • Years of experience in outsourcing and management consulting.
  • Extensive library of knowledge materials, methodologies, templates, tools, draft contracts etc., which minimizes the time and cost when preparing tenders for example.
  • Comprehensive “database” of experience and information on what the market vendors offer in terms of services, pricing and delivery conditions – based on metrics and previous experience of closing outsourcing contracts.
  • Shortened learning curve.
  • Senior advisors.
  • Experience from several hundred customer situations, procurement, negotiation etc.
  • Knowledge of how additional value can be established from the suppliers’ perspective and circumstances.
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes.

Working together with us as part of your business development, change management and outsourcing initiatives, gives you:

  • Low costs – efficient processes, low transaction costs and optimal staffing of key personnel.
  • Low risk – through proven processes, methodologies and experienced staff.
  • Fast results – through effective and situation-specific models.