Strategy, analysis, procurement, governance
– in a digital economy

SPN are strategic advisors with expertise within sourcing and procurement. In our clients’ ecosystems of suppliers and partners, we set the prerequisites to balance requests for long-term partnerships, innovation, suppliers ”standing on their toes”, competitive prices, and flexible and scalable solutions. We can provide that through expertise in sourcing and procurement, market knowledge, long experience within IT and telecom, expertise in contract law and creative people.

In procurement processes and in our advisory services we strive for, at an early stage, ensuring quality and efficiency in the implementation and transformation phase. We prefer to be a part of implementing the things we procure and the advice we give – and we are most often a part of or driving the transformation phase. We want to contribute to a well-functioning everyday life and long-term benefit to our clients.

Innovation and digitalization are natural components in everything we do – related to each client’s agenda and needs.

Read more about us and how we combine creativity and commitment with our experiences and expertise, which will not only contribute to make you more effective but also enable innovation and development.

STRATEGY With strategy as the basis, we secure the right direction and prioritisations. We contribute with making strategies for sourcing, procurement, what to keep in-house and not and how the ecosystems of suppliers and partners should look.

ANALYSIS In-depth analysis gives a well-grounded strategy or a basis for a procurement to meet actual demands. We provide analysis of costs, processes, contracts, needs and business models as well as benchmarking assignments, relationship evaluations and business case. With our analytic models we can make relationships and contracts fit better with requirements on competitive advantage, flexibility, innovation and agility.

PROCUREMENT We lead and manage procurements – large as well as small and private as well as public. We manage mostly procurements of complex services, often heavy on IT, covering many industries and areas, from banking and insurance to local municipalities. They range from IT infrastructure and IT applications to healthcare and supporting processes such as payroll and finance. We have some of the very best and most experienced advisors in these areas, for both private and public procurement. We also provide training programmes.

GOVERNANCE The right organization and processes are keys to a well-functioning ecosystem of suppliers and partners. We have well-proven models and expertise for designing retained organizations and processes, necessary for managing external deliveries and outsourcing of complex services and assignments. We can contribute with analysis of existing situation as well as designing the organization with roles, positions and competencies.

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